Does God Exist?

During one of the days while studying computer science i got distracted and weird ideas came in my mind.

For example i wrote the code in sheet of paper

If (i <n)

Printf (“life continues”);


Printf (“goodbye world”)

Only difference is here the user is God who sets the value for n. But most of intelluctal mind refuse that god exists. But just tell me one thing if input n is not given by god,then its given by whom.? In simple words i believe  God does exit. God is not fragment of human imagination.

Instance 2

Imagine you are walking alone in desert and u come across the old watch lying at a particular spot. Will you conclude the watch sprang from sand by itself without its creator (watchmaker).I want to conclude by asking age old question Does God really exist??


31 thoughts on “Does God Exist?

  1. I believe there is a power greater than myself that can help me. I am a Reiki Master and I can feel the energy of the Universe flow through me when I do healing so I trust there is something that started my heart to beat when I was just 21 days old in my mom’s tummy. ❤

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    1. So, have you ever explored what that greater power is and where energy comes from? Or are you just content to be a receiver and not a teacher?


  2. God exists for those who need Him. I do and have plenty of experience in my life that is evidence. I can only be an example of the change God has made in my life. I will not suffer for or argue with those who haven’t need of God

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  3. I agree. Those who believe God doesn’t exist are completely lacking in intelligence or acting in deliberate denial of what they know is true cos admitting it would mean taking responsibility for their actions and being burdened by a guilt only God can relieve

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  4. Of course God exists. But He only reveals himself to those who seek Him. He has given his Word which tells explicitly what he did to bring us to him, but so many mess it up by thinking they must intellectually decipher, decode, and manipulate to serve their intellectual narcissism. You have captured that truth.

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  5. As with the finding of a watch on the beach, we find in the universe a wide variety of “laws” (the Laws of Thermodynamics) and constants (the speed of light: a constant from any point of reference – which I find amazing). How did such order come to exist? I think this answers the question (yes – She exists). This may not answer the question to the satisfaction of all. For example, Einstein believed a “God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings.” (see )

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  6. I like that you are asking the question aloud we all ponder at times. Most of us not so brave to aski it aloud!
    I figure we have 3 choices when it comes down to the bottom line of existence and belief…. either we believe in :
    1) the eternality of matter (something has always existed–because we are here, obviously– and came from something or
    2) the eternality of God, who then created non-living matter and us , or
    3) we believe in what we call ‘magic” in that something called “matter” popped into existence out of nothing and nowhere, and then matter recreated itself randomly and produced and orderly universe
    Personally, with all of the fine tuned things (and beautiful…that is also a befuddling question–why all the beauty?) –in just our galaxy and in our human bodies, (never mind the universe) I think #2 is the most reasonable.

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  7. This watchmaker example is very old Christian argument. Lot of people already talk about it.
    we are like a small fish in glass aquarium. We saw world from inside the water and from behind the glass wall. What ever we see we call it reality. But that may not be reality. Until we do not come out of aquarium we will never realise what is reality.

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