For past few days I have been remembering my past as my 1 semester exams got over and i have lot of time to kill during these holidays. So I rewinded time and went back to 1st standard where i started my journey as student of Indian school Sohar . As i went on rewinding my journey to 1st standard to 12 standard i found a common link between these classes. The link was Joseph sir(art teacher). It was merry time during art classes. He was a pure entertainer , a magician with artwork in his hand. I still remember during birthday of students he used to wish them in incredible way as if it was his child’s birthday. He filled art class with joy with his painting and his stories. Still when i think of school, i remember the drawing class, first floor in the corner where “ART SIR” would be present smiling and doing his work. It is said God call “good people early” and unfortunately we lost him last year. May God bless his soul and support his family mentally and morally.



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