JUSTICE LEAGUE has scored dismissal 40% ratings among critics, but is the movie any good? Justice league is way better than critics rating suggests. I feel it is 2nd best movie(out of 5) under DC universe as if now.


  • The movie is well paced.
  •  The action sequence is well executed.
  • The chemistry between team members works as “wonder”.
  • Finally superman has been done right.
  • The credit scenes are worth waiting.
  • Danny Elfman classic batman track is amazing to hear.


  • Villian Steppenwolf starts off strong but looses his devilish charm later on.
  • Cyborg backstory feels incomplete.
  • The CGI is not that good.
  • Hans Zimmer epic bgm could have complemented some scenes well.


  • Ezra Miller steals the show as Barry Allen.
  •  Jason Momoa is the charm of the movie.


   –> 7/10 

It is must watch for Dc comic book fan and for general audience it is one time watch where everyone has something to cheer about.

Please do not skip the credit scenes, there are two of them😉


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