Nowadays we people are so engrossed in our life that we have forgotten the basic happiness and joy which gives us satisfaction.  We try to find happiness in form of wealth. The act of satisfaction and joy can be found within ourselves. Going out for a walk, watering the plants, taking care of parents etc. we can find joy and happiness.

We are so self-centered that we try to find happiness in materialistic things. The joy of sharing and caring is missing from our generation. We are so obsessed with ourselves we assume happiness is our outlook in social profile. Our generation has become two faced. We keep separate identities in our real life and virtual life. We show that we are happy but within ourselves we realize that we are not happy and something is missing in life. Even the photos have become self-centered (“Selfies”). 100 of pictures taken but we have no memories and consciousness of particular moment as we are so busy capturing the moment instead of living in the moment. Our world is becoming a global village with advent of newer technologies and means of communication but we are so confined to small screen in our hands that we spend most of our time using smartphones. We forget about people living around us. We have no idea about life and condition of people living in our area. I think it is time to give attention to our surrounding. We need to seek out for people and help them, find joy in act of giving and enjoy simple moments of life. The best way to be happy is to make your heart happy. Wishing, thanking, welcoming others gives our heart at most satisfaction. Completing small task on daily basis gives us the joy in our life.

We make life so complicated. Let us take time to enjoy beautiful things around us. Let us take time to make our relations stronger. Let us take time to understand others feelings. Let us be innocent kid again who is not bogged down by others. Let us be free to ask questions and be willing to learn. There is no guarantee that money and fame will remain with us till end of time, but our good deeds and memories will remain in hearts of people as people remember us for our deeds and work, no one will remember us for our wealth when we cease to exist.

I will like to end by asking you all what gives you satisfaction and joy.  Please share your thoughts in comment section below.

38 thoughts on “LIFE CAN BE SIMPLE!!

  1. Erm. Yes. Stop making me feel bad!!!
    You write beautifully.
    But I need to be here awhile.. just til my strength of character returns to fight the real world…
    Long story.
    But thanks for the heads up.

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    1. Apparently you can’t reply to a reply reply … and anyway, would be rude to remain a parasite on what is a post about not spending too much time on here .. (if only you could hear me giggling here)

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      1. This is low you.
        Isn’t it… yes. I recognise it.

        Zombies walk into things and bite people.

        You’re too good for that… we need a piece from you. (Are we still stealing someone’s thunder here? Poor blogger. Don’t mind us here in the corner! This is a good illustration of when social media is helpful).
        If I’d only ‘met’ your blog today I would take the time to ramble.
        You’re part of my furniture now. And those in my audience WILL LAUGH (even if I have to run around with something funny on my head – couldn’t think of something quick enough).
        Shame I can’t put a GIF in a comment.

        Bet you’re not as low as a character in my short story who found herself in a random bloke’s apartment at 3am, but managed to escape and run….

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      2. No, I am not low. I just like a zombie. AND hate winter…BUT thanks for the pick-me ups…I am just trying to reblog my post from this morning as I quite like it and bugger all seem to have seen it…


  2. Well said. So many good points.
    I realised a long time ago that at the of our lives its not what we have accumulated in materialistic things. What we will really treasure are the beautiful moments we have created with loved ones. The moments that made our hearts sing. The moments we truly connected with other human beings. These are often the small and simple moments in life and not the grand gestures.

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  3. Being with my family gives me satisfaction and joy. Life to me is as simple as that.. Thanks for sharing. Now I’m off to hit that follow button..

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  4. This is a thoughtful reminder to be thankful for being alive, and to enjoy the marvelous people and things in our world. Thanks for the kind thoughts!

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  5. For me satisfaction is learning…I like to do new things which I never thought of doing…And so writing is also new for me…Nd it is giving me satisfaction…I love mornings….I go to walk every morning and evening with my mom…And that’s really what I call satisfaction 🙂

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