Award Nomination

I’m excited and privileged to be nominated for awards by  Phyllis Rogers and  Siddharth Banga. I joined word press five months ago. I  made 100+  friends who are wonderful people following my blog, commenting  and sharing their experience on my posts. I have read some wonderful blog myself which has made me think and ponder upon their blogs.

Following the trend of nominating, here are some rules given below

  • Answer the questions asked by the blogger.
  • Nominate more blogs, who you think should be given this award.
  • List the rules and the logo of the award on your post or in the blog.

Questions asked-

  • Face to Face OR Facebook, Whatsapp.
  • One Fashion Trend You Cannot Stand.
  • Freedom of Expression. Your thoughts.

My Answers

  1.  I’m introvert so I would prefer to make contact using social media apps for majority of the time but face to face is the real deal. It makes us realize the nature of person with whom you are making contact. So in near future I will break my shell and have face to face contact but as if now I prefer messaging.
  2. One fashion trend I cannot stand is boys wearing pants below their waists. What is the use of wearing pants when people want to expose their bottoms?
  3.  Freedom of expression is must to move forward. If people would have bluntly followed without questioning, then our generation would have still believed that earth is center of universe. Freedom of expression must be allowed but people should realize that this power should not be misused or be used to bring down others. if one is allowed to speak freely, they should also have patience to listen the other person

Here are my nominees. Do feel free to check their blogs. These people are amazing

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