(Spoilers free review)Avengers Infinity War

Iron Man released in 2008. Marvel took a risk with Iron Man and after 10 years we witnessed a epic movie where more than 15 heroes fight against a mad titan Thanos.

The main hero of the movie is villian Thanos. When villian character is well developed then movie is guaranteed to be good.


Almost everyone except Paul Rudd and Jeremy Renner. Dont have high expectation for Xmen characters.


  • Josh Brolin as Thanos adds dimension to his character. We realise motives of mad titan and also he is not one dimensional like villian in previous marvel movies. With rich backstory and incredible performance Thanos is best marvel villian.
  • Robert Downey Jr was born to play Ironman. His chemistry with fellow Guardians is pleasing to eyes.
  • Zoe Saldana plays very important role in movie.
  • The fight scenes in Wakanda is awesome.
  • Interaction between Thor and Peter Quill is treat to watch.
  • Mark Ruffalo as hulk has been used effectively.


  • Thanos henchmen black order where not effectively used.
  • Chemistry between Vision and Wanda was not that good.
  • Black Widow rarely has lines.

Notable performance

  • Josh Brolin’s as Thanos is best decision made by marvel.
  • Tom Holland as spidey is refreshing to watch.
  • Rocket and Thor gives us stellar scene in the movie.

Its a must watch,as it is once in a decade movie(probably avengers 4 will reclaim title). Its a culmination of 10 years of effort of marvel movies. Its an end of era of teasing the big bad Thanos for almost 6 years.

My Final Verdict–>


Dont miss the credit scene. Probably the best credit scene after the Shawarma credit scene in Avengers.

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