Ant-Man and Wasp Review

Ant-Man and Wasp released almost 3 weeks ago. After the tragic events which unfolded in Avengers Infinity war, the movie was meant to bring some fresh air for marvel fans, does it do so?
YES partially it does
Ant-man and wasp falls short of charisma of first movie Ant-man. The movie was more focussed on Wasp and Hank Pym. The plot was good and the ending connects beautifully with Avengers infinity war.
Acting Performances:
1) Paul Rudd is fabulous through out the movie. His chemistry gels with every member of cast.
2) Evangeline Lilly as wasp takes the acting level to top notch from first movie. She is truly marvel universe powerful female protagonist.
3) Michael Pena as Luis is best part of movie. His comic delivery is awesome and audience will want more of it in next movie.
4) Michael Douglas character Hank Pym was completely wasted in movie. Hope they show his past adventures in next movie
1) Post Credit Scene
2) Action through out the movie
3) Paul Rudd chemistry with his daughter
1) After great antagonist in form of Ego in guardians 2,Thanos in infinty war, Hela in Thor Ragnorak, the antagonist ghost falls short. The actress is good in her role and hope she can redeem her character in future. movies
2) Michael Douglas was not his usual best.
Casual moviegoers can skip this movie. It is weakest marvel (phase 3) movie. I would give it–> 6/10.

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