Ever wonder where life would have turned up if certain decisions were taken differently?

Decisions we make today have great impact on life. From small decisions to stay fit or big decisions to quit job has huge impact in our lives. If choices made correctly will land us in happy space of mind or else there is constant regret why the decision is made. Each decision or choice made has bearing on us. From making a choice to exercise daily or choosing profession, each has different bearing on us. Sometime circumstances lead us to make choices which we are not overly comfortable with. Sometimes choices are made so hastily that we feel there is no looking back. Sometimes we start hating decisions we made because it didn’t yield the result we were expecting. Many a times we let others make decision on behalf of us instead of taking guard. At times it works but if doesn’t we lifelong blame that person who made decision for us. For example, arranged marriage, career choices etc. In Asian countries teenagers succumb to parental pressure to decide what career is best for them. 

Is there any formula for making perfect choices?

(If formula exists please do share with me). We do have time to prove and work on our decisions. Some people regret doing job which they are never interested in, but they have choice to quit and start over. It’s never late to start over. Some people are not happy with their life partner they have chosen, but they have time to make amends in the relationship or opportunity to move on life. Each problem has solution so do each decision needs time to be judged before coming to conclusion. Few decisions need time before it yields favourable outcomes. Like our decision to go to gym, we can’t expect fit body only after three days, it needs constant effort from our side.  

Decisions can be taken smartly considering all the outcomes but its not possible to see all outcomes and sometimes decisions need to be taken with our gut feelings. We should take responsibility of our decision instead of having it as reason to cry on our fate. Fate is decided on our present decisions not on past choices because those are already made and have led to its outcome on present. Just chin up over bad decisions and make good ones for future.

Hey peeps, you can share your tough decisions or choices you have made in your life and are you happy with it? please do comments and make this interaction interesting


3 thoughts on “DECISIONS OF LIFE

  1. Nice post. Only formula I can tell is keep reminding oneself about the goal. Mind is a great instrument. If you ask it do something, it does faithfully. Quitting a job should be done once you have one in hand. A bird in hand, is better than five in the bush.

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