The internet is divided towards Venom. Few people hate it and few people love it. Venom made on budget of 100 million and its has collected 300 million worldwide in mere 10 days so surely there is sequel coming as venom is massive hit and recovered its budget.

I personally feel venom does not deserve all the hate it is getting. For me it is average movie and sure it is one time watch movie.


  1. Tom hardy as venom is perfect choice for role although I wished he would had taken mantle of wolverine in MCU but as venom he perfectly fits the bill for Sony
  2. Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake is totally wasted as an actor. he wasn’t menacing or he had any power packed performance as riot.
  3. Michelle Williams as Ann Weying does decent job and hope we see her get more screen time in next sequel.


  1. Tom hardy as Venom and Eddie brock does a very good job. Surely I want him to take on marvels Spiderman in the near future. Tom hardy acting is great and believable in scenes.
  2. Relationship between symbiote Venom and Eddie is major plus point for this Sony’s movie.
  3. The action scenes are good and surprisingly the CGI is good.
  4. Last two credit scenes will make you trust Sony’s plan for extended “SPIDERVERSE”


  1. The plot and storyline is very weak and looks poor mashup of early 1990s superhero movie.
  2. The villain is one dimensional but its not actor’s fault, the story and villain Riot was not convincing enough to let Riz Ahmed show his acting prowess.
  3. First 20 minutes of movie is boring as hell and it is better to join the movie after first 20 minutes.
  4. Venom established him as lethal protector which will make it tough for Sony to cast this version of venom as major antagonist against tom Holland’s Spidey.



Marvel hardcore fans avoid this movie so you don’t unnecessarily thrash this movie otherwise it’s fairly a good one time watch for casual moviegoers

Merely getting 28% critics rating does venom justify its rating?                                             Please share your opinions in the comment section below.

One thought on “VENOM REVIEW

  1. Nice review! I definitely agree with Hardy and Venom being the standouts. Never considered him for Wolverine before though… he could still do it if they bring Wolverine into Marvel except he’s probably locked into contract for Venom sequels. Something to think about though!

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