Every human models his life around time. Our day to day work is assigned by time. Time is important parameter to judge how ones life has shaped. The difference between successful person and average person is proper utilization of time. It is known that successful people value the time on hand and spend time to hone their skills. Time does not stop for anyone. Time treats everyone as equal whether you are king or average person. Time does not remain constant it changes. If it is not going your way today there is no guarantee there is always tomorrow. If you want to change, then the perfect time to change is NOW. Believe in time and put your efforts so time will honour you in future. Proper time utilization is must in this day and age. As person should make use of time and should not postpone tasks. Time once lost cant be compensated back. People regret or wish they would turn back time and repair the damage but its not possible.  

Best way to use time is to set priorities to daily task and accomplishing them one at a time. Priorities which are completed will give person sense of pride and accomplishment. Aged people regret having spend all their time working while that time they would have spent with families and enjoy precious little moments of valuable life. Average human life span is 60 years. Is it worth working 15 hrs day for 30 years just to live retirement age peacefully? Do you think its worth struggling for 9 hrs daily instead of utilizing rest of time and giving importance to “Me”. One should live in present time. Lot of young people get tensed up thinking of future. No one really knows what future beholds for us. Enjoy time with loved ones as these moments can never be earned back. One should never get upset of present situations as worst of times teach us something and prepare us to sail safely in future. Time respects the one who values time. If you wither and waste your time believing there is always a tomorrow, you always make your present worrisome.

No one lives forever. No person can always remain young. The pride of humans will always be dusted by time. Be active and accomplish your goals as time is always running away. Do what you always wanted, do not wait for right time as no one knows which is the right time. Follow your ambitions and never waste your time on something which you are not interested. Life is short, make best use of it as there is no guarantee there is always time to do things. Until time machine is invented in future we people must value time.

Hey guys, Please share your thoughts on this article and share your best time that you had in your life.

5 thoughts on “TIME IS RUNNING AWAY

  1. As a person approaching 70 in a few short years, I only have this to add: Balance is everything. In everything we do we should seek balance; in work, school, health, family, friends, social media, games, TV, serving others and replenishing ourselves. We are three parts: Mind, Body and Spirit. We must balance taking care of these to achieve the peace and tranquility we all seek.

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