AVENGERS 4 is around the corner and I been a big admirer of marvel movies decided to watch all marvel movies from scratch once again and post reviews of it. After watching Avengers 4 movie, I will post Ranking of all Marvel movies according to my judgement.

So today I watched the movie “Iron Man” which started it all and was released in the year 2008. I remember watching this movie when I was just 10 year old. All the credit should be giving to Marvel team to think big and create entity known as MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe). Iron Man before release of the movie was not so popular as Spider-man, Superman or even Batman. He was B grade comic book hero and marvel took big risk to launch Iron Man as launchpad for MCU as rights of Spider-man their A grade comic book character was with Sony who made lot of money by making Spider-man trilogy. The risk paid off and Iron Man is now A Grade property.

Usually Robert Downey Jr gets lot of credit for Iron Man and he deserves every bit of it for making Iron Man as the most popular movie character but the real credit must also go to director John Favreau.

So not wasting much of your time here is my review


  •  Robert Downey Jr– He nailed it as Tony Stark. He was perfect cast for Iron Man where once Tom Cruise was considered for the role. The Dialog delivery, the punch lines was all delivered excellently by Robert Downey Jr. Now no one else can imagine Iron Man to be portrayed by any other actor.
  • Gwyenth Paltrow– I liked her performance. She did her job nicely but after 11 years still I feel we deserved more of screen time from.
  •  Jeff Bridges– He palyed the role Iron Monger.As villain was he was okay. As tycoon businessman he was good villain for setting up marvel universe. After 11 years the similarity between Thanos and Iron Monger is that they both are bald.


  1. The making of Iron Man suit Mark 1 will remain iconic as ever. The whole sequence still gives chill to me.
  2. The action sequence between Iron Man and Iron Monger at last part of movie was nicely done.
  3. The ending scene where Tony Stark announces his arrival to world.
  4. Few sequence involving Pepper Pots and Tony Stark setting up the chemistry for future movies.
  5. Introduction of Shield Agent Colson.
  6. Post credit scene giving us glimpse of what is coming next and making us habitual to wait for 10 minutes to see 20 more seconds of footage.


  1. Ten rings in the movie which plays huge plot point in Iron Man comic books was wasted unnecessarily in the movie.

It is one of best made comic book and teaches movie studios how to plan and take risks to build a cinematic universe.
I will next review Incredible Hulk(2008)
Please share your views in comment section given below.

Thank you

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