The internet is divided towards Venom. Few people hate it and few people love it. Venom made on budget of 100 million and its has collected 300 million worldwide in mere 10 days so surely there is sequel coming as venom is massive hit and recovered its budget. I personally feel venom does not deserve all the hate it is getting. For me it is … Continue reading VENOM REVIEW

(Spoilers free review)Avengers Infinity War

Iron Man released in 2008. Marvel took a risk with Iron Man and after 10 years we witnessed a epic movie where more than 15 heroes fight against a mad titan Thanos. The main hero of the movie is villian Thanos. When villian character is well developed then movie is guaranteed to be good. Cast–> Almost everyone except Paul Rudd and Jeremy Renner. Dont have … Continue reading (Spoilers free review)Avengers Infinity War


JUSTICE LEAGUE has scored dismissal 40% ratings among critics, but is the movie any good? Justice league is way better than critics rating suggests. I feel it is 2nd best movie(out of 5) under DC universe as if now. GOOD The movie is well paced.  The action sequence is well executed. The chemistry between team members works as “wonder”. Finally superman has been done right. The … Continue reading JUSTICE LEAGUE REVIEW(Spoilers free)