Important Relationship

During my college days my teacher assigned our group to write an essay on important relationship.Next day, one by one on she randomly called few students and asked them to read their essay. Few of my mates told “Relationship with Parents” is important, some of them told  “Relation with God” and few smartass told “Relation with teachers”. My best friend told “Relation with oneself” is … Continue reading Important Relationship

Award Nomination

I’m excited and privileged to be nominated for awards by  Phyllis Rogers and  Siddharth Banga. I joined word press five months ago. I  made 100+  friends who are wonderful people following my blog, commenting  and sharing their experience on my posts. I have read some wonderful blog myself which has made me think and ponder upon their blogs. Following the trend of nominating, here are some rules … Continue reading Award Nomination


No one is perfect in this world. At time when chips is down people look up to role models to get motivated. Often when we are on lows of life we seek something or someone to inspire us. Like energy can neither be created nor destroyed, “MOTIVATION” cannot be created or destroyed. MY BELIEVES ON MOTIVATION I believe like “LIFE CYCLE” we also have “MOTIVATION … Continue reading MOTIVATION